Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Member of Family

see this bunny? This picture, courtesy of Southern Hares Rabbitry, is a much finer example of our newest rabbit, but an example none the less. Thumper is the name he came with, that name will be changed. :) We will take suggestions.

He is a very friendly tame bunny. Not cage aggressive at all. DOES NOT get along with our other bunnies (as in the large bunny we have dislikes him intensely). Justin can play with this rabbit which is way cool. He is a silver marten mix. Some day I will post an official picture of our yet to be properly named bunny. (other than Justin's name of Bun-bun)

oh we also had a batch of baby mice born yesterday too. They aren't as cute so no picture :)


jen elslager said...

What a great looking bunny! I think "Bun Bun" is a good name. :)

Annette said...

So does Justin :)

jen elslager said...

So, did Justin's suggestion win out?