Friday, June 01, 2007

My Dad, an update

Hectic morning.

Got Justin up to my parents only to find them not home. Note on door. Took dad to hospital.

Heart races. What's up?

Rush to hospital. Dad on iv antibiotics for infection.
Every 8 hours. Hoping to get home care to come and do it at their place.

Dad looked good, just sore.

Asked mom, does she still want Justin?
Yes. Marisa can come help (Justin's cousin).

Please pray for his health. Thanks.


jen elslager said...

Yes, that must have been really frightening! Still praying for all of you.

Spidey said...

Hope he is fine!

Holly said...

Goodness - I pray he is fine, too. Sounds like such a busy time.

Hang in there, okay?