Sunday, June 17, 2007

Makes my Heart smile

I have to admit, it makes my mother's heart smile when....

My boy has LOTS of things he can say thank you for. :)

We have this routine at night before bed, thank you God for ______. I usually list the different things that we've through the day, complete with sorry for when I was bad when I did ________ (Justin's viewpoint) then we end with God bless different family members.

Tonight when I said Thank you God for, I paused briefly only to hear my boy say, corn (he had just eaten some popcorn). So I said and what else? Missy, cookies, swimming, sand, trucks, mommy, dad!, and a whole host of other things. When I finally asked is there anything else, he shook his head so we did "in Jesus name" and he said his Amen.

I just thought it was too neat! :)


Rileysowner said...

He grows up more and more every day. It is neat.

Annette said...

I still think it's just so cool. :)