Monday, June 04, 2007

Just back

Okay.. just back from our weekend away. Boy...did I have fun.

Granted it was mixed with concern for my parents and how my dad was doing, but being surrounded by dogs and dog people all weekend was just a lot of fun. :)

Watched some totally amazing runs. Met some people that are just "the thing" in the world of dog agility and learned that even though I don't have a booming voice, I too, can be an effective gate steward. It was good.

My parents and Marisa took excellent care of Justin, but he's just totally wiped because he was totally off routine, didn't eat very well, and was a stressful house. He did an excellent job of helping my dad smile throughout this pain-filled weekend. When I asked my mom how things went, she smiled and said "he's all boy, just so ALL boy". :) She enjoyed getting to know him a bit better so that was a blessing for them I think.

Anyways, my dad.
Still in a lot of pain. Getting a wee bit better from the infection. But the meds make him feel ill so all he does is feel icky all through. They are going to the doctor this afternoon (Monday) who did the surgery to see what he thinks about it all. They are not sure if he will need to continue the IV antibiotics or not.

It's my mom's birthday today. 70 years old! She's a great lady. Loves the Lord God deeply. This birthday is turning out to be "less fun" than planned. So feel free to email her and wish her a happy birthday. tinholt (at) porchlight (dot) com It just might make her smile. :)

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jen elslager said...

So glad you enjoyed your weekend!

I am sorry though to hear that your dad is still hurting. We'll still pray that the doctors have wisdom in caring properly for him, and that his recovery will come right along quickly.

I wished your mom a happy birthday!! :)