Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16, Garage-saling

So... for those those who don't know me well, I LOVE to go garage-saling.

You know.... going through other people's stuff in the hopes that I find a treasure or two.

This morning I done good too! (I know, poor grammar but it works for me)

For Justin:
  • Thomas the train (an almost brand new wood engine), Thomas the train plastic engine, train tracks and various other train type stuff. $4.00
  • Thomas the train backpack - free
  • Winter-coat and training pants - $2.50
  • big plastic train that the boyo was just enamored with - $1.00
  • plastic "dozer" - JUSTIN got for 10cents. :) Nice man to deal with a toddler. :)
  • clothes hanger (like for coats) - free
For Jim
  • Paint sprayer $5.00
  • model plans for composter and playhouse - 50 cents
For our extra male mouse
  • hamster cage complete with wheel - 10 cents
For me
  • wheels for my eventual cart of Sassy - free
  • measuring tape
I resisted the urge to purchase scrap-booking stuff, toy cars, candle/candleholder and a train set. Other than the plastic train I think I got just what was good and needed (well okay...the dozer wasn't needed, but a man dealing with a toddler...couldn't pass that up).

I am hoping at my next garage sale the I host... that I will sell that train for the $1.00 that I bought it for, if not for $2! :) Who knows, maybe I should list it on e-bay. :)


jen elslager said...

Yeah, garage saling! One of my favorites. We haven't gotten to go to too many yet this year.

Sounds like you got some good deals.

Annette said...

ah...I just have fun going. finding deals and such like. It's like the Thrill of the hunt... what can I find? Can I barter with the host? Have to admit, I usually barter UNLESS the host is selling something good for a cheaper price than I thought they should.

jen elslager said...

Same here! I think one of our best finds was a self propelled lawn mower for a dollar. They thought it was a little too loud, but it gets the job done.