Thursday, June 21, 2007

God wants us to Remember

I was reading today in Deuteronomy 26 and it struck me at how often God reminds us, or gives us "stuff" to do in order to help us remember what he has done in our lives. It is found throughout the bible. Remember when I saved you out of Egypt, remember when I brought you out of desolation, remember when I answered your prayers, etc... found throughout the Old Testament and carried into the New. The biggest one on the New Testament is the Lord's supper "do this in remembrance of me".

God wants us to remember.

I wonder if God puts so many commands to remember into his words because he knows how easily we forget. If we do stuff, i.e. celebrate the Lord's Supper, we are involving more senses than just our brains. We involve our spirits, our minds, our taste buds, our touch, our sense of community and so forth. All these things help us to keep foremost what God has done for us.

May I find ways to remember all that God has done for me.

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