Tuesday, October 14, 2008

True Woman Conference - Lessons

Okay...can't seem to find right now my book with notes from the first four messages...rather frustrating that. Wish I could I loved the message from John Piper and appreciated the others I heard from. It will show up again! :)

Anyways, ... Mary Kassian (I think is the spelling) and Carolyn McCulley both did talks on feminism and it's roots and how that affects us. Both were excellent. Taught me things I had never known or expected. Knowing the whys of things is good, helps to understand it and therefore hopefully to combat it where it needs to be. Feminism is not all wrong. Being able to vote...I appreciate that very much. This demand that for men and women to be equal meaning that they must be therefore exactly the same. That is not good.

Janet Parshall spoke on Motherhood. She used 1 Samuel as her basis. Talking about Hannah and the things that she needed to go through, and how she kept her promise to give her baby back to God. I thought it a good message, perhaps didn't expound on how Christ and the gospel fits in with all of it. But she used humour well :) and explained the text with some thoughts that I hadn't considered well before.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss did the final message of the weekend. I COULD NOT sit still for this. I was trying and drowsy and I kept walking around. Took some notes. Spoke from Esther. And how Esther was used of God in her time. Spoke a lot on how throughout history there are two stories going on. Man's and God's. We need to pay more attention to God's history.

She closed this message making six points.
1. we are in a battle
2. the weapons and tactics of human kingdom are different than those of the heavenly kingdom.
3. God has a sovereign redemptive plan and his plan won't fail.
4. Through faith and obedience you can be part of God's plan.
5. There is no situation so desperate that God cannot redeem it.
6. Don't judge the outcome of the battle by how things look now.

It was a good message.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conference.

Yes, there were things at it that you only see at a women's conference. (aka the white hankies). Yes, I remain bothered by weepy women as they are convicted of things. Those things I dislike en masse, but one on one...t'is okay. Is this stuff right or wrong? I don't know. All I know is that each individual person has to decide...is this right or wrong for me in my walk with my God? Does it harm anyone? Does it cause anyone to sin?

I had some marvelous conversations with people.
I saw God at work.
I had strangers pray for my safety when they learned I was traveling alone.
I learned that I too, can handle a toll road. :) And that I can ask for directions when lost without melting down first (thanks Jim for that influence!). :)

Met one lady who touched my heart deeply though I don't think she'll ever know that. She found out I was a pastor's wife and the first thing out of her mouth was...write your name down here in my book. I will pray for you until I don't use this book anymore, pastor's wives need prayer. Joan...thank you!

Ah... books I came home with. Some I got free from going to a women director's thing. Some were freebies off tables, and some were in the bag that we got.

  • "for women only". (things about the inner lives of men) - upstairs by my bed so can't say author
  • "becoming God's true woman" by nancy leigh demoss - bought one, received one. Gave it away.
  • "apples of gold" betty huizenga
    • - now this is a program that I would like to do. NOT THIS program, but one like it. Teaching women how to cook and then doing a bible lesson at the same time. Really like it, just this program costs $$'s that I don't have and that I don't think women would have who need this type of program.
  • "Brokenness, surrender, holiness" - nancy leigh demoss
  • "50 Crucial Questions" - john piper and wayne grudem
  • "What's the difference" - John Piper
  • "free at last" by debra fehsenfeld - about eating disorders
  • "learn to discern" by revive our hearts ministry
  • "the attitude of gratitude" - nancy leigh deMoss
  • "Cultivating a pure heart" by nancy leigh deMoss
  • "protrait of a woman used by God" - nancy leigh DeMoss
  • "the power of words" - nancy leigh deMoss
  • "biblical protrait of womanhood" - nancy leigh deMoss
  • "the look - does God really care what I wear?" - nancy leigh deMoss
  • "heartcry" - life action ministries - 2 journals
  • "Today in the word" - devotional by Moody
So some good resources.

Oh..prayer request. Joni Eareckson Tada wanted to come but her health prevented her from doing so. She's having bone pain. not a good time pain wise for her.

Okay...some other blogs I've found on this conference.
Old fashioned lady.
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There are more out there, but I'm done searching for now. Need to walk an overly anxious dog while the boy yet sleeps. :) He sleeps! Living the light on helps!


Anonymous said...

I think you can at least get the audio version of John Piper's talk at this link: http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/ConferenceMessages/ByDate/2008/3296_The_Ultimate_Meaning_of_True_Womanhood/

There is a download version as well which may include video but I didn't try it.


Annette said...

thank you david. :)