Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My day has been slowed down

slowing down the day....

Okay... so last night I even more appreciated the fact that this is done. Made doing this job painful, but easier. :)

While caring for such critters though I tripped. Landed on my bad knee, bashing it against a concrete block holding up on outside rabbit hutch. It got rather swollen. It doesn't like to bend. Painful is a bit of an understatement.

BUT I managed to get some sleep. :)
AND I had a boy who didn't wake me up last night to go pee. :)

So today has slowed down a bit. No cleaning up the yard, doing pears up, doing laundry and so on and forth.

BUT I have a happy boy and a willing hubby to help. Jim even brought down the laundry. :)

I'm still hoping to get laundry done and to do the pears.... it will just take....longer. :)

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