Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm back :)

So I got home yesterday at 835 p.m. I just pushed through. had zero wait at the border.


Glad I went.

Things that are in my brain right now.

1. Kindness of others. People prayed that I would get home safely. People I didn't even know, once they found out I travelled alone, stopped to pray OR said they would be praying as I travelled home tired. Very cool that!

2. Trust. trust, trust. I NEED to trust God more.

3. My hubby (whom I love dearly) managed just fine without me. The boy not so well from what I hear, but all are healthy. :)

4. I miss having friends that I can just chat with about anything and everything. I SO enjoyed having Evy to chat with. She's a real heart friend. I miss having those heart friends close by. Jim is good....but he's not a sometimes doesn't get "girl stuff and girl chatter". :)

I'll write more later. but ah....twas good to go, AND twas good to come back.

Oh ... for those interested...tim challies did a whole series on the conference. I'm not going to link to the individual posts, just go here. No, I don't know where he was sitting, I looked around a few times so I could say hi, but didn't see him (or at least recognize him from the last time I met him.)

Music was done by the Getty's. I wanted a CD but apparently 6300 other women did too. Sold out completely! Here's their Website. I find it very slow to load. But Celtic flair to solid theology songs. Easy to sing for the most part as well. LOVED how they led worship. :) They led they didn't overwhelm with themselves. Always like that.


Rileysowner said...

YaaaaHooo! She is back.

jen elslager said...

I'm glad you're back, safe and sound! I'm glad you had a good and profitable time. I like the Getty's music, and would have been looking for a cd too!