Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christian Carnival is Back

Posting in reverse order received because it was just easiest that way. :) I'm into easy right now as I've a sore knee and just wanting to get done what needs to be done while keeping a toddler happy. :)

Ancient Hebrew Poetry presents Upcoming Reviews on the ESV and NLT study bibles.
I plan to review both Study Bibles in some detail in the not-too-distant future, but a short and not too sweet version is already on the tip of my tongue.
Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength has us reading Is Doubt the Opposite of Faith?
Over the last year or so I have seen a number of pieces around the Christian blogosphere singing the praises of doubt and raising the question, "Is doubt really the opposite of faith?" I am at times amazed at how we humans so often put our cleverness to work at the job of kidding ourselves.
Should Christians Vote is the topic presented by The Bible Archive. I couldn't actually get this page to load up on my computer though it tried mightily several times to do so. So I have no "blurb" to peak your interest today. If it loads up later in the day for me today I will add a blurb. :) Sorry about that Bible Archive!

Be confident is presented by Fish and Cans.
Jesus...our great high priest. That's what verse 14 means you know. Jesus is our high priest...and not only that...he is the GREAT high priest. That's like saying he's the high priest of all high priests. But we'll read about that more later in Hebrews...chapter 5 or seven or something. But that's getting beyond this passage.
A True Believer's Blog gives us this entry called Touching Jesus.
In a crowd of people, Jesus noticed that one specific person touched Him, and asked about it. It wasn’t really a matter of touching Him in the simple sense of coming into contact with Him. Jesus was calling attention to the fact that someone had touched Him and meant it. Someone had needed healing that only Jesus could give, reached out for Him, and really touched Him.
Parableman brings us Biological Humanity, Personhood, Moral Status.
There are a number of arguments on both sides of the abortion discussion that involve conceptual slips across important distinctions, and I think it's worth clarifying the assumptions that enable this process.
Rodney Olsen presents Every 7 seconds.
a child is dying from hunger related causes.

An almost equal tragedy is that we’ve become so desensitised to the suffering of others that we often let statistics like that float past us without a second thought.

The Moral Collapse of America sends this post to us: Christmas was not originally a Christian holiday.

Did you know that a pagan winter festival was traditionally the most popular festival of the year in many cultures long before Jesus ever came to this earth?

Did you know that December 25th was celebrated as the "birthday" of pagan gods such as Mithras and Sol long before it became Christianized?

Did you know that Jesus WAS NOT born on December 25th?
Dokeo Kago grapho soi kratistos theophilus submits You are a priest forever.
In Psalm 110:4, David is designated as a priest for ever. It would not surprise me that someone wrote this verse some time after Jeremiah announced the end of the Davidic dynasty. However it is not necessary to determine when this verse was written. It is more important to ascertain why this verse was overlooked by the gospel writers.
Repentant ramblings..... is sent to us by parables of a prodigal world.

I harmed myself, my community and my purpose immensely in that running away.

Yeah, yeah...we find the personal message within the big picture. Within God's love and salvific justice for the whole world, there is room for every man, woman and child.

Faith-based investing is written by Free Money Finance.

In the book of Mark, this question is posed: "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?" (8:36 nasb). Through the effort to find solutions to address the issues that go along with this question, faith-based investing was born. This movement seeks to align a person's faith, moral beliefs, and ultimately God's Word with the investment community.


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