Monday, October 06, 2008

Carla's Store

A while back Carla sent me an email asking if I'd be willing to link to her store site. She sells all sorts of Christian apparel and other neat stuff.

I thought hmm... okay... I can do that.. but never got around to it. I have no linky yet, but thought I could at least post about her store.

Here's what she sent me.

If you've never been to my store, let me just take a minute to point out some of the good stuff there. First, we carry the LARGEST selection of reformed/Calvinistic/sovereign grace themed t-shirts and gifts, of any online (or offline) retailer (that we know of, anyway). As of this month we now have 85 exclusive and original Christian designs, along with a wide variety (32 at last count) of funny (yet clean) designs on t-shirts and various gift items. We carry Bible verse yard signs, personalized birthday gifts for kids, modest & cute designs in Just for Girls, fun designs in Just for Boys, baby items, maternity tops, posters, a Bible verse calendar, greeting/note cards, framed prints, buttons and so much more. I generally create 3-5 new designs a month (sometimes much more), and we have new products in store on a regular basis. We send out a newsletter highlighting new designs, new products, upcoming specials and sales, once a week to our 500+ private mailing list.

Reflections is the host site for the TeamApologian gift store, as well as the Iron Sharpens Iron gift store. TeamApologian purchases support the ministry of Dr. James White's Alpha and Omega Ministries (, and Iron Sharpens Iron purchases support the Christian radio ministry of Chris Arnzen (

Aside from the ministries that we financially support through our store (through customer purchases, of course), the purpose of the store is two-fold.

1. To give Christians who like Christian t-shirts, quality items instead of corny, and at the most reasonable price we can manage. We all know there are some really bad and really overpriced Christian t-shirts out there, that give Christian t-shirts (and retailers) a bad name. My goal is to change that and give Christians great t-shirts that they're glad to wear and even spark conversations and questions. They really are a fantastic evangelism tool. Christian comedian and singer Clyde Bauman (aka "Mylo Hatzenbuhler") shared with me that while wearing his Five Solas t-shirt from our store, he's been approached with questions on what "five solas" means. What a great conversation starter and opportunity to share the truth of God's grace. All from a simple t-shirt. I've also had complete strangers comment on my shirts to me, when I'm wearing them in public. It's just a great way to proclaim God's truth to the lost, in whatever public setting you're in.

2. The secondary purpose of the store is to create a regular source of income for our home schooling family, to offset the costs of a one-income, "stay at home mom" family. In other words, this is my "job", aside from being teacher/mom. It's not an easy task to stay at home and raise & teach kids, but we do it because we believe it's for the best. While homeschooling isn't all that expensive, it's not free either and this little store is our way of trying to offset the costs associated with that.

Her store is called Reflections Apparel and Gifts.

Have to admit, I tried to do a linky, but blogger has changed how to change their settings and my tired brain just isn't doing it today. Maybe hubby can help me out with that. :)

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