Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today was a day in my life

So today...I once again slept in. I really have to stop doing that. Sets the whole day back too far. and leaves me no time for devotions and at night I tend to be way too distractable to have them.

But that said, it was a productive day.

Did the bunnies. All are doing well. Nicky's chocolates are growing, Bella's kits are showing their colours...looks like three chestnut, one chin/blue?, and one magpie or dilute harlequin of some sort. Biscuits girls need to move out of the cage as Biscuit is wanting to be rebred...and so she's getting techy with her kits...but I've nowhere to put them except outside and I really would rather not do that...so I'm trying to have them wait until I move out some piggies. Don't think I'll manage it though....if they were all three pounds I could just cull them out in a permanent sort of way and send them to the snake guy... he takes them starting at three pounds.... here's hoping they grow quickly.

Had breakfast. The lad did cereal, I did an egg/cheese sandwich. Learned the lad does NOT like goat cheese which of course means MORE FOR ME! :)

Did some homeschooling with the boy...you can read about that here.

Then I got all the Christmas stuff cleaned up, put away even! Took a while to do this as I couldn't locate three boxes for putting my village away. Finally had the brainstorm to look under the village for what made my 'mountain'.. voila! The missing boxes.
Got the dishes done.

Therefore the house is feeling more liveable again. Hubby dear feels better internally when the house is cleaner so I am trying hard to make more of an effort. He does often pinch in with helping with the dishes so that's a good and helpful thing.

Got the lad outside for some exercise. I'll need to put the pics of what he did. He ran around the house twice. This lad of mine makes me laugh. ONE time I chose to punish him for being not so nice in the car. Made him run around the car five times. He thought it was a hoot and excellent exercise... and therefore when I tell him he needs to get out of the house and exercise he will often run around the house until he is tired. he also tried to make snow sculptures.

Fed the lad supper...we really had a horrible lunch just had liquids and some piroulines. yeah, I know NOT a good mommy today for feeding the lad..BUT supper was good! We had tortellini, cheese, and crescent rolls. Not great, but good. He was happy and full.

After supper I got three baskets of laundry folded and put away, and took out the spring/summer wear from my closet. Hopefully tomorrow I'll see about getting my winter wear upstairs. Would be about time eh? :)

And now I'm updating the blogs, and then will hopefully watch more Serenity (Firefly) on netflix with hubby and it will all be good.

OH>.. I do need to sit down and plan tomorrow's activities with the lad. but looks like my day is running down...which is a good thing...I'm getting tired of being busy. :)

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