Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It went well

Just a quick post before bed. :)
This morning I posted about a plan for crafts with Justin.

After a busy day today... after getting up at 7 a.m. Justin, after breakfast, helped mommy walk the dog and then get groceries. He actually had two breakfasts this morning because he was just "starving" today. :) Ate a good lunch then had a LONG nap. Had a good supper, Justin helped with the dishes (by sitting in the second sink and running the rinse water) and then we crafted, since mommy was tired of watching donut man and daddy needed a break from him as well (donut man that is, not Justin).

Read the bible story.

Then we Glued black onto a white number one. Justin thought gluing so much fun. :) So after colouring his picture, in purple -- all over the place, we glued cotton balls onto the clouds. :)

Then we read the bible story again. Justin helped. :)

Before bed we practiced light on and dark on. See God made the light, God made the dark. When we prayed he even thanked God for the light on. :) Made me smile he did. So yeah! Justin learned something AND we had fun crafting together.


jen elslager said...

What precious times you're having with Justin. Make the most of every moment. I had to work a lot when mine were little and I had to miss so much...

Ah, cotton balls for clouds... what memories...


Annette said...

we do Jen. I just love doing stuff with this lad. I encourage people as much as possible to stay home with their littles, money is temporary, children...well...they are not! :)

I feel sad that so many mommy's miss out on the laughter of a child at this age.

jen elslager said...

Oh, believe me, it wasn't by choice. I became a single mom and had to keep a roof overhead.

But I took advantage of my opportunities. :)

Annette said...

that's something I totally get. It's a real struggle for some single moms who want to be home and have no options that they can figure out. I feel for them more now than I did before because I know how hard it is now.