Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Hopeful Plan

One of the things that I want to do with Justin is once a week do some sort of craft with him.
As we are a Christian family I hope to tie some aspect of a bible story or Christian virtue into it. Whether it be from how God has told us we're to care for the earth, or work hard, or the story of Jonah and whale or whatever.

I know that I will use my own intellect, but for the craft portion of things I will be using the resources of others. I have made Children's bulletins for years in church so I plan to use my experience in that field to help me in this one. :) I hope to post them here, giving of course proper reference for ideas gleaned from others, but possibly putting them together in different ways than originally planned by the author.

Being as I am new to this I thought I would start off easy...
1. I'll read the creation story to him. First from the bible, and then from the big picture Story Bible that we have.

2. I'll give him a colouring picture to fill in while explaining dark and light to him. (although he has this down already). :) he loves turning the lights off and on! Darken mom? I found this colouring page that I thought I might use. This picture comes from here.

3. then for a "do it" craft I thought of doing some sort of window craft. Where we have a picture of light and dark, use some construction paper and make this sliding thing where Justin can move the window from light to dark. Or something like that.

OR... even though I don't agree with the Latter-day saints...I thought this craft could be neat as well.

Not sure though if it would be too advanced for Justin though. Might be too fiddly for him.

But I do think it would do two help him with his numbers and also be something I could adapt. Instead of colouring, he can glue. And then we can put them up on a bigger piece of construction paper and then we can talk about them over and over again. :) No reason of course why I can't do both. :)

Anyways, what do you think?


Holly said...

I think it looks like a lot of fun, and he will learn as well. :)

We'll be coming to your house for crafts this week.....


Annette said...

He had fun! :) And before we went to bed we turned the light switch off and on...see God made the Dark, and God made the light. :) He thought that was funny. :) But he remembered because he prayed "God light"! :)

And hey...feel free to drop by any time. Would love to have you. Just wait for the summer though... we can house some of you out in the trailer and throw up a tent! :)

jodie said...

Nice artful way of teaching your child:-)
For more coloring pages you can find them on this page,, this is my choice for my students.
God bless you!