Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christian Carnival ii - October 12, 2011

quite a long list of submissions today. There were two that I didn't include as they didn't seem to fit the profile of "Christian" blogger. I don't see Christ ever mentioned on your site, it's not particularly Christian then.

Annette presents Love is not rude posted at Fish and Cans.
when I think of rudeness I think of someone who says or does something without regard for the other person. For instance: a person the butts into line.
Chelsea Childress presents A Security, A Surrender posted at An Arrow in the Making.W
hat was so hard for her was that the car was out of her control. Something that she typically had full reign over was now in the hands of someone else, someone inexperienced. And that made her fearful.
Ridge Burns presents Preaching posted at Ridge's Blog at InFaith.
Preaching – it is a big deal and a heavy responsibility, but it provides great joy.
David R Wells presents Half-Calorie Christianity posted at Revelation 3:10 - Blog.
It seems to me that these half calorie Christian leaders are treating the Bible like the old saying of “take the good and leave the bad.” That is very dangerous. The Bible is full of instructions and they are all meant to be followed.
Rick Smith presents No Quick Fix posted at InFaith's Mission Blog.
Though these very practical matters may be of help in some cases, I think I’ve been missing the mark.
Sarah presents The Lovebook posted at This is what Sed said.
It's strange that something so small as writing an encouraging post about someone on Facebook has turned into such a spiritual battle for me.
Michael Cooke presents The "Big Business" of Church posted at Michael Cooke.
Living in today's society, we are constantly bombarded by marketing ploys from every business everywhere. It is inevitable. Everything from shoes to jeans to toys to literally everything has advertisement and marketing ploys to try and get you to buy their product. But since when did the House of God become the House of Big Business?
Chris Price presents Perry, Romney, and Mormonism posted at American Church History.
However, this brings up another question. Is there any reason that Mormonism should disqualify Romney from being president?
Rebecca LuElla Miller presents What Are We Saying posted at A Christian Worldview of Fiction.
But someone may well point out that some things, some people don’t deserve to be blessed. Actually that isn’t true.
True Stillwater presents Unanswered Prayers posted at Letters, Messages, and Prayers.
When life is shaky and everything is falling apart, the answers to my prayers always tell me to keep the faith…keep believing… know that I’m not alone
Kaleb presents The Most Important Relationship of All posted at W2W Soul.
In the midst of all our significant relationships, which require a lot of time, love and attention, what is the most important relationship of all? And, how do we nurture that relationship?
Brandon Peters presents Points of Authority posted at INSPIKS.
Prophets and even he whom Jesus was closest to (John), those who had lives probably far holier than any of ours, cowered when they saw God.
Carl presents Do Your Economic Duty: Get Married, Stay Married, and Have Kids! posted at Theological Pursuit.
The report, entitled "The Sustainable Demographic Dividend, What Do Marriage and Fertility Have to Do with the Economy?", give four conclusions from the analysis:
Zowada presents Christians are too desperate for growth. posted at Zowada Blog.
No matter how bad it hurts me, I must be open and honest with where I am at spiritually, even if it means disappointing the leadership over me, because guess what, my desire should be to truly change, not impress.
Dave Taylor presents One thing we lack. OK, there's three or four other things ... posted at Letters from another life.
But it's also working because it works. Being faithful to obey the Lord produces real change, not just a new set of beliefs.
Jennifer in OR presents For by the grace given me posted at Diary of 1.
I’ve always hastened over this verse that begins the introduction to the gifts, but I’d like to take a closer look.
Jeff presents Yom Kippur: A Reason for Christians to Celebrate posted at ReturningKing.Com.
Yes, you read the title correctly. To many, Yom Kippur is merely a foreign word that appears on our Outlook calendar each year. It seems that most believers do not even know what it, where it came from or most certainly what it represents. Yom Kippur is a good reminder of just how much rich heritage of the faith gets lost for modern Gentile believers. Because we do not serve the Mosaic requirements for Holy Days each year, we miss the richness of the Old Testament Feasts; each of which point to and are fulfilled by our Messiah, Jesus, in some way.
Stephen Bagasao presents The Death of Steve Jobs: The Real Story posted at Stephen Bautista Music.
The death of Steve Jobs has spawned numerous stories about his life and legacy, but there's a much deeper, pressing story to tell.
Maryann Spikes presents Questions Jesus Asked posted at Ichthus77.
I love how Jesus used questions to get people to think for themselves.
Michael S. Pearl presents About 'Militant Modern Atheism' and Religion posted at The Kindly Ones.
The submitted blog starts from Philip Kitcher's paper, "Militant Modern Atheism", in a discourse through the vacuousness of militant atheism to the nature of the religious sense. Although dismissed by Kitcher, this religious sense or awareness should not be ignored by secular humanist projects such as Kitcher's where the goal is to make religion redundant.
Melanie Grant presents Is that screen taking over his life? posted at Mel's Mouthful on Mothering.
Boys are getting a really bad rap at the moment - not without cause. Many parents seem to be cultivating a screen-based lifestyle whether it is their intention or not.
Josh presents Words of Encouragement: 30 Short Uplifting Quotes posted at What Christians Want To Know.
Here is a collection of quotes that I hope will encourage you.


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