Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things I've been Pondering

While on Holiday last week Jim and I accompanied friends of ours to a new bookstore. While browsing there I looked at a book by Stormie _____ on Wives that pray. Looked like an interesting book until I read the line that we are to pray to make ourselves new husbands.

That completely took me the wrong way.

What do you mean that I should pray to make myself a new hubby?
Shouldn't I pray that God makes me the kind of woman that my hubby needs so that he can serve God the way that he aught to? Why should I pray to change this man that I love dearly? Didn't seem right at all so I said NOPE, not going there.

Ah, here's the book.

Not exactly a book I would recommend bases on the first glimpse through. I think there MUST be something more to a woman praying for her hubby than to be focused on changing him. That shouldn't be the focus of our prayers. But how would I write a book stating all the good things that I'm sure Stormie has in her book, while emphasizing how GOD works things out. Changing us, moulding us, and also moulding husbands - sometimes by the changes they see in us, and sometimes just be God responding to our pleas. Not sure.

Heard a sermon last Sunday where the pastor was talking about the Christian Disciplines and he talked about Solitude and Silence. He talked about how we need to get alone with ourselves, to really see ourselves, and in that seeing realize we are never alone, that God is always there. I was left wondering.... how is this decidedly Christian? How does one avoid the New Ageism of Mediation. So I ponder this. I know that silence is important. That just sitting and LISTENING to God is a vital part of the Christian life, but to start intentionally doing it, how does one avoid the self-centeredness that is such a pervasive part of today's culture?


Stan said...

On the other hand, I would hope that my wife is praying that God would make me the man He wants me to be ... and that would be a change.

Annette said...

yes, that would be a good prayer.

But is different than what was seemed to implied in what I read. Woman is unhappy in her marriage, she prays... GOD! change this man!

One comes from selfish motivation, the other comes from desire that God use the man in your life in a way that suits God best.

Diane R said...

This is sooo great Annette! There is so little questioning and discernment in today's churches and to read this is such a breath of fresh air. Thanks.