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Christian Carnival Posted

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Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet posted this entry entitled Atonement Theories.
I am more and more convinced that the answers to life are contained in the Atonement. But, recently, the "usual" substitutionary atonement theory has been questioned. So then, the answer of what is the foundation of our faith and our life--the Atonement, becomes a question - which Atonement?

I'm reading a book which sheds light on various theories, entitled The Nature of the Atonement, edited by James Beilby and Paul R. Eddy. The book presents four atonement views, explained by a backer of the theory, with the others writers answering.
Jim Wallis, Fascist? is the title of our next post submitted by Humane Pursuits.
Cliff May has a piece on NRO today on fascism, in which he argues that if we want to talk about modern fascism, we should really be talking about Osama bin Laden (not George W. Bush or Barack Obama). However, while May is fairly persuasive linking “Islamists” like bin Laden with the Nazis, I think he falls far short from linking them with fascism itself (which is far from synonymous with Nazism). For example, the main correlations he draws are racism, sexism, terrorism, and genocide – none of which is inherent to fascism.

Free Money Finance presents us with God's Stimulus Plan and Living Below Your Means.
Here's a piece by Robert Morris (author of the excellent book The Blessed Life: The Simple Secret of Achieving Guaranteed Financial Results) called God's Stimulus Plan. In it he says that for Christians, God is our source of life, not the economy, not the government, and not our money.
Spiritual Battle?And The Cost Of Not Engaging In It comes to us from Blog.Bible-Verses-Insights.com.

What is a spiritual battle? Spiritual battle is real. Battles behind the scenes of everyday life are connected to the outcomes in our physical world. Many times I had forgotten the reality of spiritual battles, and wondered why things happened they way they did.

New Mercy gives us How's Your Heart. And if you want to know why she said the following....go read her post! :)
Hurrah for improvements, however small.
What a Jerk! is presented by In Him We live and Move and Have our Being.
Next time I run into someone I know to be a jerk based on past history, though, I hope to remember these words:
and to know what those words are....go to the post! What a Jerk!

Christian Personal Finance
shows up with this question What is the purpose of your money?
What are you on earth for? Millions have read Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life and found a sense of purpose. Have you found purpose in a certain career, position, or situation? What is the purpose of your money?
The Importance of Spiritual Gifts is Expounded upon at eInquistive.
In other words, all Christians have at least one, but likely many, spiritual gifts. Gifts are manifest in different ways through different individuals and all gifts are of divine origin. It is through our gifts that we are all members of the body of Christ, yet serving different functions.
Dokeo Kago Grapho Soi Kratistos Theophilus Gives us Rank Speculation and Circularity.
I am very much interested in the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. I suspect that you are also.
Chasing the Wind offers us Faith and Deeds. If you want to know why I pulled this out, you'll have to read more.
Charles Schultz often touched on religious themes in his cartoons. You might remember his Christmas special years ago, where Linus recited the meaning of Christmas from the book of Luke. Charles Schultz taught bible study into the 1980’s, and many of his cartoons were thought to illustrate bible scripture. His illustration for our study today, the second half of James 2, shows Snoopy shivering outside in the cold. Charlie Brown says to Linus, “He looks kind of cold, doesn’t he?” And Linus says, “Maybe we’d better go over and comfort him. So they walk over to Snoopy, wearing their warm coats and mittens and hats and Charlie Brown says, “Be of good cheer, Snoopy!” Linus also says, “Yes, be of good cheer.” And then they walk on by.
I Want to be Like Charles McCoy has been produced by Who Am I?
I love reading and hearing the biographies of men like Charles McCoy who were not just willing, but eager to spend and be spent for the souls of others (2 Cor. 12:15); men and women who counted the cost and gladly gave all they had to follow Christ (Luke 14:25-33). I love those stories because they stir a deep longing in my own heart to do the same.
Theology for the Masses tenders this post "a story I told" for us.
If we can say anything at all about our culture, it’s that we love stories. Look at our movies, our television, our sports, our gossip (talk radio, celeb magazines, sometimes our ‘prayer requests’). We are captivated by the power of the Story. And so for just a few minutes tonight, I want to look at a story from the Gospel of John. It takes place the morning of Jesus’ resurrection, and involves Mary of Magdala, one of Jesus’ closest followers. She and a couple of Jesus’ disciples go to visit his Tomb and find it empty. The other disciples leave, and Mary stays, weeping.
Homeward Bound proffers A surprising Scripture on the Saints.
There are passages in the Bible that don’t say what we expect. They sometimes take us by such surprise that we don’t read them correctly.
Parableman presents us with John Owen on Limited Atonement.
My insistence is that limited atonement doesn't imply that there's no sense in which the atonement doesn't extend to those who do not attain salvation. The atonement covers all in the sense of being an offer available to all. It just actually covers only those who avail themselves of it.
Ignorant Historian shows up with A case for Civil Discourse.
Civility…that’s a good word, no? Then why is it sorely lacking from political debate in this country?
Christian Orthodoxy proffers a Review of The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud.
I learned of the Bartimaeus trilogy, by Jonathan Stroud, from a list of ten fantasy series to get you over Harry Potter Withdrawal. The author of the list claims Stroud’s series is actually better plotted than Rowling’s, so this week I picked up The Amulet of Samarkand from the local library.
Bible SEO presents Jesus Heals the Leper - the Unclean. This is a bible study on Mark 1:40-45 it's worth a study.

DetentionSlip.org gives us some differences in Church and State: schools divided. have no clue what snippet to pull so will just leave it as is. :)

A is for Abortion is the post given to us by Kerintian's. Hard to pick a snippet, but perhaps this might tweek your appetite to read more:
I don’t want to be judge, jury and executioner but I have speculated that the same people who defend abortion with gritted teeth and clenched fists are also the same people who cry against the inhumanity of the death penalty. Would they be the ones defending the man who murders from the hangman’s noose, the lethal injection or the electric chair while supporting the premature death of the unborn child by methods far more cruel and imaginative? (I mean when was the last time a criminal was torn apart limb from limb with a vacuum cleaner?) Do they defend the right to live of the murderer on death row because deep down they know they have to – because they are guilty of the same thing?
Jevlir Caravansary gives us The God-Talk Club and the She-Bears. If that title doesn't intrigue you enough to want to read more, this might help:
“You don’t know that one?” exclaimed Mac. “That’s a skeptical staple. A Christian says ‘God is love’ and you say ‘But what about the she bears?’ I’m going to have to revoke your skeptic’s license.”
08-15-09 is the post presented to us by Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl who Loves Jesus.
Thanks to this new method of studying and meditating on the word, I am able to remember to count it all joy when I am faced with different trials.I am hiding the word in my heart.
Civil Submission in 1 Peter and the Contemporary Context comes from for the Sake of Truth.
Recent posts regarding the command for civil submission in 1 Peter has provoked a bit of discussion about the contemporary application of the command. In this post, I would like to (1) reflect generally on civil submission in the contemporary context and (2) reflect on the American context of civil submission, especially as it relates to the US Constitution.
Jody's Devotionals shows up with this post Political Words.
Politics has become an increasingly dirty business. Is it possible for a Christian to be in any way related to the methods or tactics of managing local, state, or national government without becoming soiled? If my email inbox is any indication, I would say “No”! Offering an opinion on a policy is “giving to Caesar”. To attack a person personally, is “giving to me” instead of God.
Towards Recovering a Theology of Natality and Flourishing is given to us by Hundie Jo [dot] Com.
We see it in the verse in Zechariah: after God saves his people, he wants them to flourish. How exciting and hopeful is such a theology! Salvation theology is the life-giving infants’ milk of Hebrews. Theology of flourishing comes after, it is the meat and potatoes of our adulthood. Now that the danger of sin has passed, God frees us to be who He wanted us to be.
For His Glory has produced The Older You Get.
"They" say, the older you get the less you know. I guess I'm officially getting old because I now believe and understand that statement.

We all have our nice little boxes that explain how life works and should function. Then life throws us scenarios that don't fit into one of our boxes. Now what? Do we throw away our old boxes or do we create a new box to put that scenario in?
Endurance and Partnership Needed presented by Fish and Cans.

After the author of Hebrews reminds his audience that they are to fear the living Lord God and to remember that sin is not to be taken lightly he now goes on to remind them about how they've endured hard things for God. He reminds them of their confidence, their compassion and their joy.

What they need now is some endurance. Endurance to finish what God has placed in front of us. God doesn't want us to shrink back from what he allows in our lives, but simply continue on. Confident in our salvation, joyful in challenges.

Christian Men-Christian Warriors shows up with Hello-I Am a Slave.

In my day to day job, I live for the introduction. There is much in an introduction. Think about it for a minute. In someone’s introduction, you could easily determine the following (even if it were over the phone):

  • Age – help you make inferences about how they are interpreting what you are saying.
  • Nationality – easily determined by accent or dialect
  • Job Title – may help you understand what motivates this person like ego, thrill of the kill, or the numbers
  • Last Name – again, a little about the heritage and perhaps, depending on the town, you could tell some about their “rank” in society

As you can see, there is a lot you can discover about a person in their introduction.

A True Believer's Blog puts forward "Your Jesus Is Too Safe" blog tour.
“God created man in His image. Ever since then, man has sought to return the favor.” – I’ve seen the comment attributed to Mark Twain, to George Bernard Shaw, and (my favorite) St. Augustine. In any case, the statement holds true in light of how many of us view Jesus.
Rey's A point presents his opinion in My take on the Health reform bill.
I spent a week reading through the massive (1017 pages-pdf warning) Health Reform Bill, HR3200, and I’ve noted areas of personal interest. This post will not be exhaustive (sorry; that would be impossible), but it will list (1) things that I thought the Bill did a good job with, (2) areas of personal concern and (3) areas that I don’t know what to make of. Before closing the post, I’d also like to (4) address areas where people have been flipping out followed by (5) some personal general concerns and hopes looking forward.
All in all, some good reads.

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