Saturday, March 17, 2012

bible story books.

We have a number of bible storybooks in our house that we read every night.   Not all the books every night, but we rotate through them.  there are things that I like in each one, and things that I don't like.

The lad's favourite BY FAR is the Big Picture Story bible

And I have to admit, I like this book too.  it has big pictures, simple text and sets out to do what it wants to do.. it presents the big picture of what the bible is doing.. setting out God's love story to us and how Jesus in woven throughout it.  From Amazon's page.
Presents the big picture of the Bible to children ages 2-7 through easy-to-read stories and striking illustrations. Now includes an audio reading of the book. No child is too young to begin learning about the greatest love story of all-Gods love for his people, as portrayed in the Bible. David Helm and Gail Schoonmaker have together created a colorful book of Bible stories written especially for children ages 2-7. Rather than simply retelling portions of the Bible, this book presents the big picture-the unified story running through the Old and New Testaments. Twenty-six stories together form parts of this big picture. Simply written and beautifully illustrated, this book teaches children the Bibles whole story so they can begin to appreciate the fulfillment of Gods promise to his people.
My only fault in it is that I sometimes want there to be more details.  But that is not this books' aim.  It is presenting the big picture of God's love toward us and his attitude toward people turning away from him.   God's love for his people is VERY clear to see in this book. 

Then we have the Jesus Storybook Bible

now this book is one that I really like.   It tells the story of the Bible in a fairy tale like way.  Amazon has this to say:
With beautiful 4-color artwork throughout, this Bible storybook for children ages 6 and under uses a traditional storytelling format, with a fairytale flavor, to help children learn more about Jesus.
A bone I pick with most storybook bibles is their lack of accuracy  and I do NOT have that bone to pick with this book. it is well-written. But the lad, though he likes listening as I read it, just isn't as keen on this book.   And though it is marketed for the under 6 crowd, I honestly think it's for older children in how it is written.    Good book, love listening to it on CD.

 My first bible.

This was the lad's very first bible story book and one that we both have very much enjoyed.   Perfect for when he was little, the stories are short, they are accurate without going into too much detail.  Bible stories from both the old and new testament, with a fair amount of variety.

we have on occasion read from "classic bible stories".

Short stories, decent illustrations, I like looking at the pictures with the lad and asking questions about them.  Like what does the picture make you think the story might be about?  What people do think it will be about? What are the people doing?   And then we read the stories.   Some "poetic" license is taking which sometimes makes me go hmm....and sometimes we'll look up things in a REAL bible to get the accurate information.

"Bible Stories for Children"  by Brimax Books. 

I have to admit that I found this book laid out differently than most bible story books.   Instead of being broken up into stories, it's divided into characters.   It has review pages at the each section.   Overall not a bad book.   More of a teaching/review book than a bible story book.

"brave Believers" is a bible story book put out by Thomas Nelson.   

Once I figured out how this story bible was laid out I decided I liked the concept.  It would give a short synopsis of a biblical event and then over the next few pages expand upon it.   I very much struggle with some of the poetic license taken in this book and would correct errors made in it.  Mostly it was how one interprets events as opposed to blatant untruth.  Scriptural references make this very easy to do though so I don't let that detract...and it's always good to show a child where to go to find truth if you wonder about what you are being taught, even if its from other believers.

Anyways, these are the bible story books that we've used over the past while.

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Thanks for sharing this, Annette. I appreciate your thoughts and hearing your son's as well.
I'm always looking for new children's Bibles for Sunday School. We just started using The Gospel Story Bible (probably targeted to older than your son). I thought that the kids would like The Jesus Story Bible better, but they seen to really like the straightforward approach of this story Bible and the very artistic illustrations. I'm fairly certain you can read this entire Bible online.
Blessings, dear sister, as you seek to raise your son to know the God of all truth and love,