Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sweeter than Birdsong

Sweeter than Birdsong was an excellent read. I got this book from Booksneeze in order to review it. Booksneeze is Thomas Nelson's book blogging program which offers books in order to get reviews. They don't pay for them, they merely offer up books in exchange for the review.     Anyways, I picked this book thinking it would be a light read and I wouldn't have to think of anything, and it seemed the best of the options available for an actual book (they also do ebooks). 

BUT wow.. I was very pleasantly surprised.   It wasn't just a light read toss it away afterwards book.

Sweeter than Birdsong is an historical fiction novel that speaks of hope and faith that is inspired by real people and events. A good book to read. It speaks to hard life circumstances, of people making difficult choices, of young men and women maturing into their faith and God's calling upon their lives, and more.

The book was well written, I could quite well imagine what life was like in those days, from higher class society, to the poorer of society.  The working men and women of those days as well as the restraints placed upon them by who they were or wanted to be in life.   Be sure to reading the closing remarks as it explains what happened in real life and how characters were modified (or not modified) to fit the books storyline.    I always find it helpful when authors do that.

I would enjoy reading more novels written by the author Rosslyn Elliott. 

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