Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Yesterday Productive

Yesterday was one of the better days I've had in a spell. As some of you know I've been battling fatigue and feeling frantic in my head all the time. That feeling is still there but it's not as intense currently. It's doing a VERY good job of making me "not feel comfortable in my own skin".

On Tuesdays The lad and I do art and science. We also read. Makes for a relaxing day. We fill in the gaps with other things as well, but for the most part we make it a fairly relaxing day. This is important as Mondays are normally a rather busy, rather long day.

Yesterday we invited Renee and her children over to join us. The plan initially was to do some art science and then go for a nature walk. The children REALLY wanted to play with the bunnies so I had some out on the lawn and told them to go to it. :) We had an excellent time together.

Before they arrived I cut up the apples and got them to stewing for making applesauce. This caused us to become inundated with yellow jackets.

ERGO>>> I built some yellow jacket traps with the lad, hubby and I sprayed my bedroom which was loaded with yellow jackets, and we had a bit of a "ACK!!! THERE ARE YELLOW JACKETS IN THE HOUSE" freak out for a moment. It did give Renee's oldest child the opportunity to practice killing them though. :)

One such trap: here the lad is checking that it is working. it is. there are six of them floating in it.

We have another set up close to where one of the nests is as well... and it has a bunch floating in it as well. I HATE yellow jackets they are dangerous around the bunnies as well.

After we were done school for the day I went out and picked grass for the rabbits and had a visit with our neighbour. They are filling their days with painting right now. The lad came over to bug us and then started stealing my grass! He certainly likes to tease a body.

I got pictures of ALL the bunnies I need to get them onto my websites. I'm in process of building a new one. Here's the old one and here's the new one. If you have a moment can you tell me what you think? I want to make the new site highly informative and yet keep it as friendly as my old site is. What I like in the weebly one is that I can make drop down menus. What I dislike in weebly is I haven't figured out how I can put multiple pictures into one on "box". So far I can only put one in which I find bothersome. It is SO easy to do with the webs site. Does anyone know how to do that with weebly? put multiple pictures in one 'box"? thanks for helping if you do. :)

I also managed yesterday to get most of the laundry finished and put away. On Sunday I had opened the linen closet and said "oh, something stinks". (and yes I know, not the best way to rest on the Lord's day). Tracked it down to the comforters and what not in the bottom (I had started at the top because that's where it seemed to originate from). None the less the linen closet is now well organized and the smelly linens are washed! Certainly made of a pile of laundry to get through....

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