Thursday, March 17, 2011

Boy's away so mom must....

Play... well... okay not really.

I worked!

I got all the dishes done...lifes been busy so we're talking more than one days worth. BUT they are ALL done!

I got the laundry finished.... okay.. well...I think I did that last night I could be wrong, but I think so.....

So I tackled the basement today. AND... drumroll please... I GOT IT DONE! well okay...let me qualify that.

I got it done as far as I can without my hubby's help. An old tv has to come upstairs to the garage. The fish tank needs to go into the workout room, he needs to vaccuum (that's his thing), and I have to do the garage sale corner. It's just a nasty mess back there and needs to be tackled but not today. :) I"ll send the lad off to someone's house for another day or two in May and get that done then. I'll work on it before then but the big push will be then I think.

i got the freezers moved over together. To do that I had to move the box pile, the candle making supplies, pick up the mat pieces, move chairs and what not. I cleaned out the one freezer since I was moving it anyways (required me emptying it first).

didn't do a whole lot in this corner other than organize all the fish stuff that's hidden under the train table. oh...and put the rest of the Christmas stuff with well....the rest of the Christmas stuff. :) oh.. and I moved a couple of boxes out.

Jim's workout area didn't need a whole lot of anything. It did while I was cleaning as I had to put things somewhere, but now all it needs is a vaccuum.

Believe it or not...HUGE improvement in this room. Moved an aquarium. Bagged the gravel from the empty tanks, moved paint cans and tool stuff. There's a fair bit of work to do yet, but I can't do it all in one day all by myself. :)

as I said earlier...the garage sale pile needs some MAJOR work. But not today.
now it's 11pm and I want to go to bed.


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