Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Acquiring Bravery

Yesterday we had a dental appointment, the lad and I. Now one thing you gotta know...I strongly dislike going to the dentist. As a youth I had a dentist who was NOT very nice at all, and it engendered within me a strong dislike of dentists.

I don't want to pass that along to my son so I try very hard to "be brave". To encourage him to not mind going to the dentist, to learn what he can and so forth. I've learned myself to ask questions....I do it for his sake because the more he knows, the more he understands, and therefore has nothing to be concerned about.

And its interesting, the more I help him with new experiences like this...the better I am. I still get the willies about contemplating getting a crown on a tooth that needs it. I know I will dislike it and be uncomfortable and have pain...but at least I'm not running scared of it, and ergo I worry less. And in the end of it...I'm braver. This is not a bad thing. :)

As I was doing bunny chores this morning I was struck by the fact that God doesn't want us running scared of him either. He wants us to know him, to understand him (in the limited way we as people can understand God), he wants us to seek after him. The more we understand God the less worrisome it is knowing him.

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