Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Well...Christmas Cards are mostly sent

Yesterday I was feeling restless at bed time so I figured I'd might as well get the Christmas cards done. and yes....I do a Christmas letter. :)

Other than USA and Foreign, most are sent. I've three or four I'm awaiting confirmation on addresses before I send them.

For most of those who live within a two hour drive I also included an invitation to our mostly Annual Open House. It's held on December 11 this year from 2-4, 7-9. hopefully folks will show up.

Today Justin and I are going to finish up the trains unit study/lap book that we started yesterday. We are going to play in the snow, do some shopping, go to the library and volunteer with the local bureau for donating Christmas gifts to the needy. Makes one wonder.... do people REALLY need gifts? Gifts are fun, but I don't classify them as a need they are more of a want (as in I want to bring a smile to the face of a child who otherwise might not smile). But being a helpful servant of the Lord...this is a needful thing.. so Justin and I will go and help.

IF we have time today we'll make some Christmas rice krispy squares, and possibly some puffed wheat or cheerio squares as well. I am hopeful that tomorrow we can make it out to London. But might have to wait until Thursday when we're going out there anyways. :) We'll be taking Justin to see a school production of the nutcracker. Hopefully it will be done well. Costs us less than $20 as a family so makes it worthwhile to me.

Think that's all I got today. Cheers!

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