Friday, November 05, 2010

Yesterday's activities

1. I learned how to make a box out of 2 x 4's. made it too big, but it does the job. :) I made two boxes, connected them with 2x4's and then put wood on the sides. I now have a mostly done entrance for the rabbitry. 6 feet tall. It will be better than the four foot hole I crawled in through last year, and better than the 2 foot hole I have between tarps this year. :) hopefully the way I have it set up will work better this year. Time will tell. NOW... if it all blows away in the first big storm we get in the year, I'll be rather unimpressed....

2. Jim painted one half of the living room, and then we moved furniture around. The colour is like a very light orangey-brown. It's very subtle. We like it. :) The TV, big couch, Jim's chair, the exercise bike, coffee table and the DVD racks are in the far end of the living room, and my computer and all the homeschool stuff and the love seat are in the road side of the living room. A quite different set up. will be less cosy in some ways if company visits, but it will be quite manageable I think. Hopefully easier to keep tidy whilst homeschooling. :)

AND this morning.....

Justin got us all up because he was very upset that I set up his private house without him. NOT a good start to the day. :) But ah's all a learning experience right?

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