Monday, November 15, 2010

Home from the Royal

So. we're home from the Royal, arrived late-ish last night.
Got the boy to bed at 1030.

Today was gymnastics and our regular day out in London.

Got the lad to bed in good time to give him time to rest and hopefully catch up on some shut eye. :)

Sorted through bags that we got at the Royal, seemed like everyone was giving out reusable bags.
The lad got TONS of notepads and pens of his own, he was VERY happy about that. :)

One of the things I like about the Royal is that with the goodies you get from various booths, you can often "win back" one person's entry into the fair. We got about 10 bags, about 10 lbs of potatoes, and four or five tubs of margarine....that's one entry into the fair. :)

We saw cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, horses, and some display pigs. :)
We visited lots of booths.
The Lad had fun playing in the canola seeds, and partaking in some of the children's activities. I have to admit, they weren't as good this year so that was a bit of sadness.
We entered a fair number of draws which is always fun...hoping that one wins! :)

I picked up a few resources I can use for homeschooling, some I'll do and some I'll pass on. Always a matter of choice.

We went to the Royal on Tuesday and Saturday, Wednesday we went out for dinner and a movie with Don and Deborah. We saw Megamind, the lad was riveted. It was a good time out.

Thursday we more or less just bummed around, made dinner for Don and Deb.

Friday we went to Hamilton to visit with my sister and her youngest daughter before they headed back home out west. Should mention that we also went to the RCA, Ontario Classis, Minister's Dinner. The food was great, did wish though that we had sat at a different table....but the food was good and Art's daughter put on a rather interesting lighted ball display.

Sunday we attended morning service, had a delightful dinner with extended family. When Don lay down to rest after preaching our boy had a good time taking care of him. Keeping him all snuggled with his stuffies and playing music for him and telling stories. It was fun to watch and listen to.

HOPEFULLY Don and Deb will come up this way in April. :)

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