Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Overall.... a decent day

have to admit, could have done without the sore back, but overall...a good day.

This morning we worked on the letter A lapbook after finishing up his big picture he painted yesterday. When it was dry (after lunch) we hung it up in his bedroom. He looks forward to showing it to Gramma on Sunday.

After lunch we went to the library where we read books and played with the train table. We took home almost all the books we went with, and then took home almost as many again. :) LOTS of reading we can do again this week. It's rather interesting...Justin is trying hard to read books along with me...but only if he thinks I'm not really noticing. :) He's a silly lad at times.

After the library we came home where he played and I worked on dishes and finishing up the laundry. Talked with my mom on the phone for a while.

Had a good supper and watched America's funniest videos together for a while.

In the evening Jim had a bible study, so I put the lad to bed and then played some kingdoms of camelot and then got materials ready for tomorrow.

Overall a good day.

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