Thursday, October 07, 2010

Homeschool cleaning

I'm a bit fed up with having things here, there and yon so today said to myself...enough with this, let's tidy and clean and see what we can figure out for making things a bit better.

WE have a clean floor...the rest of the house... well..isn't. :) but things are indeed a bit better. found a ton of lost pens, crayons, pencils etc...and they are organized. Brought some stuff upstairs and brought some of the same stuff back downstairs... it feels right now like it's a lost cause.. BUT I do know I want to do homeschool on the MAIN floor of the house, and not upstairs.

Jim wants to rearrange the living room/dining room so some of the reorganizing will simply have to wait, I just want to make things a bit more doable.

Time will tell what we figure out I suppose. I'm feeling a bit "ack" right now though as I've tons of things unfinished and I don't know where to put it all and AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness the lad is five and homeschooling is doing kindergarten and he can learn and play and help his mommy and that even counts. :) Today he did three pages in one of his books and learned "STOP DROP and ROLL" as well as "STAY LOW and GO (away from the fire)" and we talked about fire safety. He got all worried that we'd get a fire and Tagu would lose his tail and that Mr.O would get lost so we had to work through all that (aka....we'd get Tagu a new tail and we'd fix Mr. O if we could.)

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