Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Me and the doctor today

Went to see the doctor today for myself.

She has a tag-a-long today...a 3 year med student. So I got to do everything twice.

I still retain my cough. I don't worry about that too much. I figure in time it will go away. Since it is now a productive cough, the doctor isn't too concerned either.

She gave me a script for an acid blocker because I'm in constant pain lately and she's concerned that I might be working on an ulcer. (oh fun). To be taken once a day unless it's not working by day three and then I get to double the dose.

She took blood because I'm constantly tired and she'd like to know why. I suspect pain has something to do with that and she agreed but added that I might also have a bleeding ulcer that might be causing the problem as well. (I felt mildly put in my place) LOL

I'll get the joy of doing a barium swallow at some point.

So it's just a case of never ending joy at our house lately. :)

On a positive note:

Justin seems more himself lately as daddy continues to get a bit better.

Jim's BP seems to be pretty good at this point. He continues to monitor it closely. He continues to get tired easily. He's happy that we have dad's exercise bike to use for the winter. 5 minute stretches biking work well at this point. :) And since it's in the living room, I'll use it for a while at night as well.

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