Sunday, February 07, 2010

I suspect people think we're crazy

That would be Justin and I on a walk

Danglers - like to strangle you so they can eat you, but they really like snow so they are easy to bribe
Grimoles - live in holes so you can fall into them, but you can dig out with a handy shovel
Knockers - like to throw stones at you, all you have to do is say SORRY, and they stop.
Dwellers - sleep ALL The time but are pretty slow so you can usually out run them, and if they do catch you they'll make you a dweller too UNLESS you drink motion berry juice which causes you to start dancing on the spot and sends the dwellers away from you fast!
Mineikins - like to eat your toes so you HAVE to wear boots and stomp a lot
Farthers - little monkey creatures that sit on your head and make you giggle and dance
Nimbles - tiny mice like creatures that you have to tiptoe around
Conies - big and small. The big ones are mean, the small ones are friendly but they slobber you and that makes tabby cats(Aka TAGU) not like you until you roll around in the snow and get it off you again.

We don't have ordinary walks.
We do LOTS of exercise type things on our walks.
It's simply amazing!

And oodles of fun for a creative four year old. :) The things we see! :)

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