Saturday, August 08, 2009

Vacation Report

We're back from Holidays now for about five days. I'm feeling rested up! Most of the trailer is clean, the rabbits are back home, and the skunks are caught.

Time to catch up here a bit.

Our basic plan for the three weeks of holidays Thursday to Monday, be home Tuesday/Wednesday (to do laundry, gardening and give the buggy a chance to sleep in) and repeat.

Weekend one we went to Fanshawe Conservation Area in London. There is a folk festival held every year in London called the Home County Festival that Jim and I like to attend. Justin now likes to attend it as well. He fell in LOVE with music from the Funky Mama's! :) He enjoyed the magic and bubble machine of Dickie Bird. If I could remember which groups Jim and I enjoyed I'd list them as well. Perhaps my hubby dear will refresh my memory. I know there was a fellow that we bought a CD from...plays really good music. And there was a lady group as well. Anyways, here the link to all the performing artists. :)

Second to Bronte Provincial Park. Here they have a pool and a red play barn that our son enjoys (we enjoy the pool too). :) On Saturday Jim went off to get a brake controller put on the van. Some fellows that he met on-line offered him a free one...all he had to do was supply the drinks! So he left us for the day. Justin and I did well on our own. Our camping neighbours had children at a lovely age for playing with, so even though we got rained out for a spell (wow did we get a lot of rain in about an hour - this after light rain for about 2 hours or so) Justin still had a lot of fun. Puddles are excellent places to float boats! :)

Third weekend, we added my Neice Marisa to our entourage. We headed off to Ottawa to the Ottawa Municipal campground. The AAC nationals were on this weekend and Jim and I were volunteering at it. Marisa took excellent care of Justin on Saturday for us, and then on Sunday Justin wanted me to hang out with him so Marisa went to volunteer instead. We all had a good time. Mosquitos were abundant at the campsite and led to lots of questions along the lines of "why did God make mosquitos?"

Justin, Jim and I had an excellent time away.
There was a bit TOO much rain for our liking....we had rain the entire time we were away.
We came back to dry ground and plants that needed watering.

I did for the most part manage to stay on top of our gardens at home though and managed to peas and beans in the freezer. Learned that the local coons have discovered our corn patch. We got five cobs off thus far...I think it will be a continuing battle!

Jesse from Jesse's Hilltop rabbitry took good care of my bunnies and I'm very appreciative of his efforts to manage my herd. :) I even came home with three of his bunnies as he is downsizing his herd.

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