Tuesday, August 25, 2009

God's Bounty

There are a few times during the year that I feel God's bounty and goodness to me.

1. in the spring when my tulips and daffodils bloom.

2. in the summer when I harvest from my gardens.

3. Christmas/Easter when I consider all what God did for me. Blows me away sometimes.

Right now God's bounty in the result from my gardening is high in my mind.

I like gardening but I'm not worried about keeping all weeds out of my garden. I look at weeds as opportunities to feed the bunnies greens so letting them grow a bit doesn't bother me. :) I don't frequently till, water or otherwise fuss to much. I plant it and basically remove big weeds when them grow.

I don't worry about early starting plants a whole lot. I move things around, I grow things too closely together and yet..... God chooses to bless me every year. :)

Check out the bounty from God this year.

The size of this potato I credit to one thing...beyond God's bounty and seeing as God has allowed me the distinct pleasure of raising them....bunnies and their offal.

Bunny Power!
Big potatoes!

I've never had a potato that large before!
Justin dug it out for me.
His response"good thing I had my digger tool mommy."
Took him a good minute to get it out. :)

And check out my tomato patch!
NOTE: this after I trimmed it back!
I lopped about 1 foot off the top and
two feet on the gardens' side and 6 inches of the composter side.

Normally my tomatoes experience a fair amount of die back.
So my habit of planting close has no negative repercussions.
This year....No die back.
It's been very strange.

As a result I've been getting LOTS of snails/slugs and Some End rot on my tomatoes.
NOT appreciated. So today I said...I'm clipping you back.
Hopefully I clipped enough to get rid of the end rot.
The slugs/snails will soon meet Mr. Beer in a Saucer.

I may need to trim back more........

Oh for the bunnies this>>>
(the bucket of greens)

Oh...for those who want to experience the joy of bunny power in the garden I have good news for you. There is a group called Bunny Power for Gardens. You can sign up and then look for bunny people close to you with fertilizer that they wish to dispose of.

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