Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation thus far

Left Wednesday for camping, came back today.

Had a good time. Camped at site 267 at Fanshawe Park Conservation area in London.

learned LOTS of bunny town stories from Justin.
Did you know that in bunny town bunnies, cats and good people live there. but sometimes bad guys come and then the bunnies shoot them with guns. :)

Listened to good music at the home county folk festival. Lots of fun.

Justin discovered the funky mamas! He loves their music!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

He also likes magic acts! Fascinating he finds them (at least Dickie Bird's version of magic shows).

Justin had fun swimming in the pool though it was quite cool to swim in.

Now to decide where we are going next weekend. :) Valens or Bronte?????

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