Wednesday, February 18, 2009

True Woman - Modeling Modesty

Nancy continues her True woman series by addressing how one Models Modesty. Here is here email teaser this week.

Modeling Modesty

Training your children about modesty at age thirteen is too late. How about at age three? Learn why modeling modesty for young children is vital.*

  • Make sure that the kind of entertainment you enjoy fits what you say you believe.
  • It is inconsistent for parents who profess to believe the gospel to let their kids watch sexually explicit movies that promote unbiblical philosophies.
  • Modesty should be a way of life.
The rest of Nancy's message can be found here.

And I have to admit, today I could not connect with anything she was saying. It didn't help that it was all just talk and no scripture was used for the whole message. Nothing she said was wrong, most of her focus was on being consistent when training up your children (boys and girls) in the whole area of it relates to clothing.

I don't know, in my mind's eye, we've already more than covered this. :)

All I can say to this folks is....dress in a way that brings glory to God...not to yourself.

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