Monday, February 16, 2009

Today....a good day

So today I made three young men laugh and my hubby made me smile. :)

Monday...our day to just get out of the house and get away.
I had three buns to deliver to London today, and was running short on time as I wanted to get going by 1100 and AH>>>>> we were not going to make it and get needed things done at home.

While I cared for the bunnies and got three littles ready for transport.... my sweetheart finished the dishes for me and got the ones I had gotten washed, dried and put away. Made my heart smile. :)

LATER in the day on the way home I was bipping to some music in the car. Jim was ...well...tolerating me. :) I glanced over and the car next to me...three young men were...well...mocking me...BUT they were laughing. I considered it all in good fun as well...I am a bit of an odd ball at times. So I made them my expense...but's all good. :)

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jen said...

About the music in the car... TOO funny! Been there, done that. ;)