Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Probably a good thing that.....

It's probably a good thing that people did not mention that I'd have to deal with oodles of spiders and spider webs when I told them I wanted to tackle the basement.


All I can say is my vacuum was well used.

I got the camping shelf emptied, vaccuumed once, twice...three times. Spiders and webs ALL GONE! He too, took great delight in sucking up those spiders! :) We got things all neatly piled with help from a toddler - not the spiders and webs....the boxes and stuff that we moved!

J - we don't like bugs mommy. Bugs are BAD!
A - yes Justin, bugs are bad IN the house.
J - Why mommy?
A - oh...mommy is scared they will jump out and land on her. that just scares mommy Justin.
J - I don't like bad bugs either mommy. AHHHH!!! Spider!!!! kill it mommy!

Can you see I'm influencing him for good? :) He will defend his wife one day! :) (and hopefully not just laugh at her). :)

Jim came home.

J - we vacuumed bugs Daddy!
Jim - you did?
J - yes, LOTS of them daddy.

Jim helped me move some of the garage sale stuff over to the camping table. We talked a bit about what we don't need to keep from the camping stuff...more stuff to sell!!!! YEAH!!!! Some I'll kijiji first though. See if I can sell it that way.

So...we made progress! YEAH!! Maybe, just maybe I'll get her finished this week yet. :)

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