Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hamburg and Potato

Tonight's supper for me was hamburg and potato.

7 & 1/8 oz Beef, ground, 95% lean

7/8 cup Carrots

1 10oz cn Cream of mushroom soup, canned, condensed

2 & 5/8 med Potatoes, red

Preparation Instructions:
brown ground beef. dice potatoes, cook them up and then add to ground beef. fry until nicely browned. Mix in soup. heat through. either cook carrots and mix them in or have raw on side.

This recipe made using Formulazone. Mind you, this was a double recipe, I made a single sized portion for myself. It wasn't bad, wasn't great. Not something Jim would have been keen on.

Jim had the extras from Sunday nights dinner.
Justin did "apple and carrot dip". he still refuses meat and potato.

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