Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Update on Prayer List

Here is the promised update on my prayer list.

I haven't heard from Jen how that lady we're praying for is doing.

My Dad. Okay..when dad was in hospital for his hip re-replacement he had some issues with blood clots. It seems that those are haunting him now. Those big clots were replaced with millions of tiny clots which cause swelling in his veins which puts pressure on nerves which cause pain. It could eventually stabilize OR could get worse. Either way, it's been deemed too risky to do anything about it for him. They thought is also that his tummy troubles are due to arthritis and just how nerves are connected in the body. He'll be undergoing some additional tests to see if more answers can be found.

I have heard nothing further of my uncle.

I have heard nothing further on my dutch cousin either. Oh on....she will be undergoing chemotherapy sometime by the end of the week. Her surgery should be today or tomorrow. At least that's what I think was jumbled in the last call I had with mom.

Lots of stuff going on in the family right now. Keeping it all straight can be a challenge.


jen elslager said...

I haven't heard from her lately either. I plan to email or call her soon.

Thanks for the update on your dad. (I have a labral tear in my hip and I'm looking at eventual hip replacement. It's not a happy prospect.) I'll keep your family in prayer...

Annette said...


Thanks for the update on your hip. I will keep you in prayers. Many hip surgeries go really well, my dad was just one of the ones chosen of God to not have such an easy time of it. You may be chosen of God to go through it really really well. I will pray that God will grant grace to you regardless. :)

jen elslager said...

Thanks 'nets. I was in physical therapy a few times a week, but haven't had time lately, and it's starting to hurt again. :(

My friend? The first of two important tests came back normal! Praise God! Still waiting on results of another big test. I'll let you know...