Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tiger Soup

Proof that I haven't lost my touch at making up stories for children completely on the spot! :) I used to be a favourite babysitter for many children because I told relatively good, on the spot, bedtime stories to the children I cared for. If they didn't go to "Annette stories", so I had good children, easy to put to bed for the most part. Every story was new and different. I rarely told the same story twice (who can always remember them?) but they always kept the children wondering what happening next. When I told Justin this story his response was "tiger tail gain" "read tiger tail gain!"

Once upon a time, a long long time ago there lived a little cat. Now Little cat lived with his mommy and daddy and all his sisters and brothers in a bush. They had a nice little house and a nice little farm right in the middle of the bush. Like all little cats, Little Cat very hard to be a good little cat, but sometimes.... sometimes he was very naughty.

One day, he was so naughty his mommy told him, "Little Cats make tiger soup. Be careful little cat or you will make tiger soup!"

Little cat decided that he did not want to be tiger soup! He wanted to be a little cat! So he tried ever so hard to be a good little cat. all little cats are prone to do...Little cat again made a big mistake, he was a bad little his mommy said "little cats make good tiger soup! Be careful little cat!". Little cat knew that mommy was serious...that if he was really bad one more time HE would be tiger soup! AHH!!! Little cat did NOT want to be tiger soup so he tried ever so ever hard to not be bad.

BUT ONE DAY>>>> Little cat made a fearsome mistake. He jumped out a tree to pounce on a leaf on top of the chicken house and it BROKE!!! All the chickens got outran around saying Bawk, bawk, bawk! Daddy was NOT happy. For you see, Daddy had told him NOT to ever jump on the chicken coop. He said "naughty little cats make good tiger soup". Mommy was NOT happy. Little cat was scared. Mommy cat said "Bad little cats make good tiger soup!"

Little cat was scared. He said "mommy mommy I'll do anything I don't want to be tiger soup!"
But his mommy said. "Little cat, you were bad, it's time to make tiger soup. I need carrots for that tiger soup. Go get me some."
So little cat went and got his mommy some carrots.

Mommy said "Little cat, I need some parsley too".
So little cat went and got his mommy some parsley too.
he was getting very scared...what would mommy want in the soup next????

"Little cat...I need some barley to, go fetch me some". "Quickly now" added mommy when she saw Little Cat pause at the door looking back at her.
So Little Cat hurried off to find some nice barley for his mommy. He got it all nice and clean and brought it back to him mommy. And he said, "mommy, is that all you need to make the tiger soup?"

But his mommy said..."NO little cat, You need to make the tiger soup. And we need one more thing".
"but mommy!!!!" wailed little cat, "I don't want to be tiger soup! I promise I'll be good!"

His mommy said "little cat, you are not going to BE tiger soup. But you are going to MAKE it!"
"Make it? Make it?" said little cat incredulously! "I am NOT going to be Tiger Soup? I just get to make it?!!?!?!?!!?"
Mommy said "YES, you are going to make it. Now... go deep into the bush, under the hedge, over the lion's den deep into the swamp and get me some tiger tails. Now go!" ordered mommy pointing to the door.

So Little Cat gathered up his courage, and set off into the bush.
He crawled under the hedge.
He slipped over the lion's den.
He slithered into the swamp.
He quickly gathered the tiger tails and then rushed back to his mommy as quick as he could.

Then he learned WHY little cats NEVER wanted to be so bad that they had to make tiger soup. Tiger tails were awful. When you cleaned them they stuck to your fur. They made your eyes get all watery and they stank something fierce. Little cat was crying and wailing by the time he got them all cleaned up and put into the soup pot.

He hoped he was all done but Mommy said to him "Little cat, now you stir that soup until it is all done."
So Little Cat stirred and stirred and stirred until the soup was all cooked. It was just awful, he sneezed, he coughed, he wiped his eyes, and his paws stuck to the spoon. It was just awful.

Then when the soup was all done, mommy said, "Little Cat, now you eat that that soup all up." That soup was good and yet very very bad. and while he was eating it all up Little Cat decided
then and there he would not be a disobedient little cat, he would be a good little cat and not be bad anymore.

The end.


Rileysowner said...

Justin absolutely loves this story. He insisted first thing this morning that Daddy tell him the Little Cat story, then called the Tiger Soup story, and kept asking until I realize what he wanted.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i just read read your soup story, it's priceless, you should send that up somewhere, a lot of kids would love to read that!Also adults!

love you, mom.

jen elslager said...

That's cute, 'nets! I can see why Justin loves it! :)