Thursday, February 14, 2008

Introduction to 2 Thessalonians

Not a very long book, 2 Thessalonians followed shortly after 1 Thessalonians. It was was written by Paul to make sure that the Thessalonican church really understood what he meant about the return of the Lord.

Barnes tells us (from e-sword) that :
There is little doubt as to the design for which it was written. Either by a false interpretation of his former Epistle, or by an epistle forged in his name and sent to them, the opinion had become prevalent in the church at Thessalonica that the Saviour was about to appear, and that the end of the world was at hand ....... Correct this impression was the leading purpose of this Epistle. Some people had become alarmed, and were suffering from unnecessary apprehension 2Th_2:2; and some, under the natural belief that labor then was useless, and that property was of no value, had given up all attention to their worldly concerns 2Th_3:10-11; and it was of the utmost importance that the error should be corrected.
I have to admit, I'm a bit leery now of studying this book. I find teachings on the second coming of the Lord a bit ah.... not sure of the word... often conflicting in how people interpret them so they tend to be a bit confusing. I tend not to like confusion. :) But is also known to be eminently practical as well (or at least I see him that way), so perhaps it won't be as daunting as I initially perceived. And Paul does talk about thankfulness and prayer as well so it's not ALL on the second coming of Christ. :)

Tomorrow let's start digging into the meat of this book. :)

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