Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hitherto Unknown Ways to Traumatize a Cat

Give one cat toy to a toddler. A toy similar to this. :)
Forget that one dog is in the house as well.
One dog that coincidentally likes cat toys as much as a NON-traumatized cat does.

Consider ... jealousy levels of one dog.
Consider... ineptitude of toddler handling cat toy.

Consider.... I really tried for the wide-eyed terror look...but this was a best I could do. One cat very carefully watching where one dog was (behind me with a stern Sassy leave it), while watching out a boy child crawling behind sofa to give "toy" to cat to catch and play with.
We ended up settling for one toddler having his beloved Tagu playing with the cat toy, while cat found a safe place elsewhere in the house to hide. :)
End result: Provided humour for grown-ups in the house. :)


dawn224 said...

I thought it was just us used cat toys as child toys :)

Annette said...

dawn...you made me laugh. thanks :)