Friday, February 29, 2008

Bob the Builder

Justin has a firm appreciation for Bob the builder. Last night when we went to bed he was still just a tad bit wired. He'd had a very busy day visiting gramma, then he just could not wake up from his nap. He was being put to bed because his mommy was just getting too tired to deal with his antics and daddy was trying hard to get his work done too. He found his "bob the builder hat" (little yellow hard hat) and was ever so busy being bob. Bob brushed his teeth, bob got on his pajames, but bob well....getting him to bed was a challenge so I asked want a bob story?


So mommy told him a made-up bob story.

Bob the builder was a fine little fellow. He loved to build houses and zoos and mini golf courses too.
he had friends like lofty, and dizzy and scoop and elmer fudd....hold're in the wrong story, you go on get out of here. Okay...he had friends like spud and farmer pickles too.

Well, one day Bob was sitting at home with his crew, wondering what in the world to do.
An old lady called "Bob, Bob help me help me help me please. My kitty has climbed into the trees!"
Bob looked around and then he said "Lofty I think that your the one, to help me get this job done"
So Lofty and Bob went for a drive to see if they could find this kitty alive.

They drove and drove all over town, wanting to get this kitty down.
They spotted that kitty up in a tree, and before you know it 1, 2, 3
Up and up when lofty's crane, up and up into the rain
He stopped beside the little kitty and said oh kitty come to me

The kitty went oh MEOW, I'm too scared to come right now.
Oh Kitty don't be scared, I'll send bob along up stairs.
So up and up Bob he went, he calling that kitty as he went.
the kitty went MEOW, bob said Kitty come right now.

The kitty leapt and down they went.
Back safe at home where the lady wept.
Everyone then was so happy, and now they are all so sappy.

The end. :)

Yes, on the spur of the moment (and after three readings, I was able to make the whole thing rhyme). Justin was delighted, and better yet...he even went to bed. :)


We are THAT Family said...

Just found your site-that was adorable! May have to borrow it for my little one.

Annette said...

Delighted to have you stop by. Use my stories if they work for you. :) Well...rather...if they work for your little one.