Sunday, November 04, 2007

Today Jim and Justin Come home

Yes I know....what do I mean "and Justin comes home"?

Well...let me explain.
yesterday was a a busy day, turning compost, showing Harry's children how to care for the critters, cleaning the house etc... interspersed throughout the day was a little boy saying "go Gramma's house? go Gramma's house now?" accompanied by occasional dashes to the front door.

So we called Gramma. She wasn't home. We left a message 'go Gramma's house".

Gramma thought, since she hadn't seen this boy child for almost two weeks, that she would come down and visit with him and leave just after he went to bed. It would also save me having to trundle him off to London when I had things I wanted to get finished around the house.

Well...she never should have opened her mouth in front of the boy child. Go Gramma's house, go Gramma's house NOW! was the demanded response. Trying very hard to open the locked front door.

He was being very cute and funny. VERY determined to go to Gramma's house. When I told him he needed clothes first, he toddled upstairs to find them. Mental note: don't ask a toddler to find clothes..... you'll find them strewn about the floor you just cleaned! :)

He ran around the house all excited as we got things ready for him to go. Wipes, diapers, clothes and his church mini m&m's. boy oh boy...going Grammer's house! Going grammer's house now!

He played in Gramma's car while we moved the car seat, almost crammed his foot into his shoes in his eagerness to go. When they left I heard, going Gramma's house, Going Gramma's house! Such excitement.

Mom called when they got home, she had forgotten her glasses. In the background I heard a still excited little boy. I do so hope he settled down quickly so he could go to bed. Such fun, such excitement. :)

So he's going to go to church with her this morning. I'll drive up later to pick him up.

Jim is hoping to get home before supper tonight, so I need to figure out something to serve. Will be nice to have the whole family back together again.

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