Monday, November 05, 2007

Thoughts on Being Thankful

Rebecca is collecting posts on thankfulness this November.

Over the past few days my hubbie has been away. I am thankful that he can do that. :) No, don't get me wrong, I don't deliberately send him away (as in drive him away) but I like that am I confident enough, strong enough that he is able to go away confidently, knowing his wife can cope. So I am glad that he is able to just go and not worry about things on the home front.

I am thankful for my mom-in-law. She is a nice lady. She makes me laugh sometimes at her vagaries of being human...but then again...she laughs at mine too! :) She just adores her grandson. And she is good with him.

I am thankful for my parents. Good folks they are. Open arms, willing hearts, strong Christian witness and just good solid people. I have learned, and continue to learn much from them. They are an important and integral part of my life.

I am thankful too for my church. This past Sunday I took too long walking Sassy (our dog) in the morning, so the service I planned to go to (1000 a.m. at the CRC) I couldn't make so I went to a different church instead. I could make a 1030 service at another local church.
  • Though I enjoyed singing fun worship music again, I realized that I enjoy the corporate aspect of worship that our church encourages. We have music that accompanies us singing, not a band that we can hardly hear ourselves much less our neighbour singing along with. Not a problem in my church at all. :) We have Teo....whose enthusiasm for praising God in song often picks us when we falter. I have learned to truly enjoy this communal, corporate worship.
  • We have a minister who opens God word up for us... he reads a passage and then actually explains it...sometimes in high detail! :) he doesn't pick a passage and use it as a jumping off point for something unrelated. Even though the message I heard was good and made me think... I left feeling somewhat dissatisfied that I didn't actually hear God's word expounded.
  • For the most part, people arrive on time for church. They see the value in all aspects of the worship service. They don't straggle in. They act like worship is important.
  • I am thankful for people who make newcomers feel welcome. Two ladies at this church made me feel as if I truly was welcomed to come in and join their service. One of the men that I have chatted dogs with in town gave me this huge grin when he saw me. Welcoming. Really appreciate that.
So all in all, much to be thankful for. :)

Oh and one more thing..... I am thankful that for three days I get to leave this house behind and go away with my family. Royal Winter Fair... here we come! ;)

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Mmm said...

Yea, good insights into visting anothe rchurch and what you like about yours. Interesting. Boy, people jsut being freindly and greeting is huge. I'd consider a Catholic church or Orthodox or Baptist over my Protestant background if it wasa the difference of genuined friendliness and actually being greeted...but it's not, anyway point taken.

I sometimes visit this church that theologically I ahve alot in common with but for all their good words, etc, tehy so lack genuine greeting. Each time I go no one ever comes up to me to shake my hand at the interval, even those who've seen my before. It doesn't matter where I sit. It's like it's easier for them to pretend not to notice newcomers that have the "awkwardness" of having to make conversation! If they only knew just how offputting that attitude is though. What's funny is the teens don't do this to eachotehr but the adults certainly do!