Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PhysioTherapy for my back

So I was at the Physiotherapy today. Christine seems like a competent PT.

Anyways, she gave me some new exercises for my back. For the list of the old ones, go here. I'm to continue doing those, but add these to the regimen 1-2 times each day. NO less than four times per week.

Anyways, the new ones are as follows: They are called back stabilization exercises. And this page actually shows two of them. Quadriped progression: actually harder than it looks. One must keep ones back from twisting. It must be kept level. She wants me to hold one arm forward for five seconds. Guess what...I can, at this point, hardly do it for 2 seconds. Weak back muscles eh? The second is called a Bridging progression. This one too I should hold for 5 seconds and I'm lucky just to lift up! :) ALL I'm to do is step one at this point in my life.

Must strengthen my back. I must! Boy..I feel like a total weakling trying to do these.

The other one I"m to do is kinda like a hamstring pull, but without being up against a wall. Trick is to hold one's back straight while putting one foot forward and slowly bending both knees. I'm not too good at this one yet either. BUT! It will come! :)

She once again taped up my sore foot for me, the one with Plantar Fasciitis. Surprised me last week when she did this at how much it helped me. I hope it will do the same this time around. She's also been ultra sounding it. Doesn't seem to hurt it until the last 10 seconds or so I figure why not. :)

As I searched for pictures of back stabilization exercises I found this page. I don't have to do all the exercises here, but I liked the page and this way I can find it again. :)

Oh I suppose i should add for those who know: my scratched eye hardly hurt at all today. Should be getting better now I think. :) I have to learn to be more careful around those spike plants! They just got too ornery when you over winter them. :)

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