Friday, November 02, 2007

A day without Jim

So Jim left to go camping with "the men" late on Wednesday night. He drove for a while, found what he thought was a quiet country road and bedded down. Turned out not to be so quiet (argh) but he got some sleep and then arrived at Algonquin early so he had the whole day of Thursday to enjoy by himself. The other men should have started joining him late last night.

Yesterday Justin and I had a quiet morning at home.
We walked Step Up (a movie about dancing). Fairly predictable, not a bad moving though.
We cleaned the kitchen and the living room.
Then we headed out for Kitchener around 1245. Justin fell asleep five minutes out of town, slept in the car until almost 4 p.m. I parked at national grocers so he could sleep without being bothered by anything. Anyways, his sleeping so soundly nixed my plans of stopping at the market for strawberry butter. Ah well. :) I at least manged to finish my book. :)

We had a lovely visit with Phyl and Barry. Justin played with trucks and read a book with Phyllis. We even managed to convince Justin to eat a bit of supper --- the joys of frozen raspberries that'll nab a boy child every time. :) and Barry makes a good waffle! We got a new rabbit from a lady in Kitchener whose son was highly allergic to it.

Then off to visit with Jo a bit. hard to find her place in the dark. Shame on me not bringing good directions. After a nice visit there (about 45 minutes or so) we headed off home.

Justin kept saying "go home now" "going home". Very talkative happy lad.

At home he helped me unload the bunny and then we RAN around the church twice to give Sassy a bit of a walk. Sassy, I think, thought we were nuts. At least she kept looking at us oddly :)

Then Justin thought the table needed clearing. I disagreed with him and told him that Mommy was not happy with all that mess. I went to the living room for something and when I came back he picking up stuff and putting it back on the table. GOOD BOY! :)

Then off to bed for the both of us. It was late, we were both tired.

UP again at 630, oh joy....did I ever want to sleep in. Ah well..... life as the parent of a toddler. :)

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