Friday, November 02, 2007

Day two without Jim

So I was up this morning at 630. Not quite what I had hoped for but obviously what God wanted from me. :) ah well....

Bunny that we got from the folks in Kitchener...NASTY little beast. Not pleased with her attitude toward life at all. She'll need some gentling that one will (in other words, needs to learn some manners). One of our other does (which I believe to be pregnant) is visiting our nesting box more frequently. Would be nice to have little ones. :) Of the two littles we had from dwarf bunny, the brown (a male) is significantly bigger than the black one which appears to be female. Hoping to sell black baby for $10.

Tried watching "the nativity". WAY to intense for a curious toddler. The way the movie started had Justin looking distressed saying bad man, bad man. I said, told him yes, that man was bad. Fast forwarded and watched a bit here and there, but just overall not something to watch with a toddler up and about, so turned it off and since I didn't want to pay additional rental on it, just returned it.

Justin went to Margaret's for the time I was working. Got there a bit early, so Justin could chill out and play with toys and such like. Then I left. Wondered how he would do, work (Subway) was very busy today so didn't have much time to wonder. Back to pick him up, Margaret told me that Justin was such a good boy. no crying, just lots of playing. Helped her husband Gabby do some wood and played in the sandbox.

We accidentally left "tagu" behind so we drove out to get him. Justin fell asleep before we got there. He slept in the car while mommy retrieved the wee beastie (Sassy guarded him) and then home. I worked in the gardens while he slept. even got the lawn mowed. At 6 I said, enough of this, this boy needs to get up if I'm ever to get to bed tonight. That took 1/2 an hour.

But he ate fairly well tonight. Ice-cream and mommy's green beans (for her supper), then later on (after our walk) some summer sausage, more beans with applesauce, and popcorn. A good meal overall. :) I would have liked to convince him to eat some of my meatloaf, but he's just not into that. Right now his protein sources are milk, summer sausage and eggs. We'll work with that for now. :)

We had a nice walk with Sassy, stopped at the store for mandarin oranges --- 5 lbs for $3. not bad I thought. Wish they tasted better..... :( also had chicken for 79Cents a pound. Good deal so I bought some.

Home, watched Thomas the train, some generic TV and then I finally convinced the boy at 940 that bed was good. :) I made a few phone calls...returned one to mom that no I didn't have her computer cables etc, confirmed with Jen that we can stay at her place next week when we are the GTA, and called Eva to confirm Sassy coming over to her place next week and that's about it.

so I've "peed" Sassy and now I'm off to bed as well. Keep well all! :)

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