Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Humiliation Meme (So i'm told)

Humiliation Meme

Oh, look, Jen has sent me another meme!Apparently this one has the potential for creating in one some humiliation. :) Gee... Thanks Jen. :)

So here goes..........

my worst post - My hubbie tends to think that my worst posts are the one that are sappy email posts. So... here's me picking one of them at random (actually it's the one he's complained about most recently). :) $20.

my best post - that's a hard one...but if I have to chose, it would be this one, My Girlie Rocks!

post on which I have changed my mind - don't really think there is one. I mostly blog on my devotions or my family, I add some of the emails that I get, but other than that, I don't tend to do a lot of extras. If I change my mind on something I read in the bible I call that growing more in knowledge and needing to refine my position as opposed to "changing my mind" so much.

my post that generated the most comments - this one. Kim had put out a call for dog pics so.... I answered that call. So thanks Kim for helping me generate comments. :)

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jen elslager said...

Thanks for playing along, Annette! :)