Monday, July 02, 2007

Answering the dog call

kim from Upward call has put out a call for dog pictures. so... here are ours. :)

Old dog Riley. He's a shepherd-husky mix. About 14 years old. Doesn't like the cold anymore and spends most of his time sleeping things off. :) Long walks now tire him out but good. he's a good old chap.

one of my favourite pictures of Sassy. :) Here she is about 4 years old, she's a year older now. Part of agility training is teaching a dog to down on a table. I taught Sassy to down on all types of things, which helps to fool-proof her against the vagaries of different tables. :) Willing spirit. likes to work but can be ever so stubborn about how to do it.


Celeste J. said...

Your dog is cute!

jen elslager said...

Great lookin' dogs ya have there!

Holly said...

Love the puppies. :)

Annette -

I sent the award back at ya! The rules didn't say I couldn't.....

Love, Holly

Baxter said...

Ahhhh, I was wondering about the name "Rileysowner". He's a nice big dog!

Does Sassy like to "perch"? Or did you slap the rock to get her to hop up there? We had a big wooden swingset and our dogs like to climb up and sit on the deck so they could see everything that was going on. I used to have a beautiful blonde cocker spaniel that was really good about not getting on the tables, except when you were pulling out of the driveway and you could see him ON THE TABLE looking out the window to watch you leave! :)

Sassy is a cute dog, what kind is she?

Annette said...

Sassy's word is "table" and she does it quite naturally now. I used to have to coax her but now I can just point to something and say "table" and off she goes. sometimes looks quite impressed with herself... particularly if it's a new challenge (like a downed tree)

What is she? We have no clue. They thought at the shelter a shepherd cross and told me she would be big! They were wrong. We suspect that she is aussie-spaniel-barrel chested dog of some sort. LOTS of attitude. Head shaped like a field spaniel, herds like an aussie and her chest... she got to have something big in her somewhere. :) She is on the small side of mid-sized.

jen elslager said...

*gasp!* Dog on the table? *clutches heart*

Lisa J. said...

Nice dogs! Is the agility training competitive? I love mixed breed dogs because they are so interesting and hardy.
Lisa J

Annette said...

Welcome Lisa, yes, I train Sassy competitively. She's on a break right now due to a leg injury. Hoping she'll be ready to compete again end of July.

Jen, Sassy would never dream of jumping on our eating table (unless I asked her too). But a table is used in agility (or sometimes a pause box).