Saturday, July 28, 2007


For more on the start of our camping trip, visit Vellenga Views.

We started off our vacation a couple of days early. Jim had a classical appointment at Kingsville Reformed Church. Since Kingsville is a three hour drive from home, and because Justin was coming with us this time. We thought it would be better for him if we went up a bit earlier so that the day wouldn't be rough for him. Wheatley Provincial Park is really close to Kingsville.

What a nice park! Like really nice, especially for families.

First two picnic tables for each campsite. Very nice when you have a boy wanting to play with Take along Thomas.

Mommy Stop! I'm playing!

They had quite a nice playarea there. Justin had a lot of fun at it. Slides, stones, racing mommy from the slides to the steps. Lots of giggles.
In this pic Justin is burying his trains.
Just loves to do this, especially in small stones.

Will he or won't he?

It was rather neat. One time I was coming back from the park with Justin, we walked over the foot bridge. There in the swamp we saw 6 snowy egrets. Very beautiful. I'd only seen these birds in the wild once before, and that was up in a tree so you really couldn't see how big an beautiful they were. I talked with a couple who said that sometimes they can have as many at 20 birds there for short time periods. Justin could have cared less, but I really liked it.

Jim thought it grand. Often when we camp he can't set up his hammock. This site he could! Wow, what a way to relax! :)

Boy and dad.

Camping and fires, sitting out by them just seems to go together.

Silly boy, enjoying his first fire this year.

Thursday to Sunday morning was the length of stay at Wheatley. This is a park I would happily go back to. Leamington is a nice town to visit. I even did some garage-saling there on Saturday morning. :) The town of Wheatley is very small, doesn't even have a grocers.


jen elslager said...

Sounds like you had a great, relaxing time! Wonderful! Glad you're back though. :)

Annette said...

we did... i have more stuff to enter, just haven't had time.