Sunday, July 01, 2007

Prayer Request - cousin

Just got this from my mom regarding my cousin
I want to let you know that he was in a bad car accident Friday night, close to home. He was airlifted to London wth a badly broken hip and a broken elbow, he was in a lot of pain before they put him in traction. His mind is good and they discovered no other internal injuries. On Tuesday they will operate, whether he needs a full artificial hip or what, we will find out later, same with the elbow. So would you keep that family in your prayers?It will be a few tough weeks for sure!
My cousin John has a wife and I think four children (could be off by one either way).
They are a bible-believing family. Surgery may be difficult because John is prone to embolism like my dad is (family thing).


jen elslager said...

I'm so sorry he's in such pain! I'll be praying for him.

Baxter said...

Have you heard any more as to whether or not he is going to need an artificial hip?

I will pray.

Annette said...

i have heard nothing more at this time